Dear Lesly,

I feel compelled to write this letter to forward my heartfelt thanks and to acknowledge the wonderful learning environment you have created at DAPA. This will be Callan’s third year at your studio and I feel he has learnt so much more than the singing, drama and dance lessons that he is enrolled in.

Due to your nurturing and gentle guidance Callan has learnt compassion, respect, patience and tolerance. You have also taught him to believe in himself and to always follow his dreams. If he ever makes a mistake you are so insightful and sensitive in the way that you deal with it you would never know.

Lesly, Callan is enjoying himself so much and is ever grateful for the opportunities that have been offered to him since becoming a member of DAPA such as performing in musicals and the end of year concerts. There is no room for ‘diva’s’ as everyone from the leading role, ensemble to the lighting person are all treated the same. This is very refreshing as some studios have their obvious favourites and other children aren’t encouraged to have a go. At your studio everyone is a ‘shining star’.

Callan has also many life-long friends not only by attending DAPA but being part of the musicals that are directed or produced by you. You have a way of nurturing a friendly and sunny environment and encourage the friendships that the children form. You have taught Callan to be the consummate professional yet at the same time don’t let him take himself too seriously. You have instilled in him that it is okay to learn and have fun at the same time.

He has developed so much as an all-round performer and as a person. Once again Lesly I would like to say thanks as I feel this is due to the guidance and friendship you have offered my son. He looks up to you and admires you deeply. He even chose you as a person to write about in a class assignment titled, “Someone who has impacted on my life significantly”. He chose you Lesly because of the wonderful person you are and the way in which you nurture all children that are in your care. I hope our association with you and DAPA lasts many more years.

 Yours sincerely,

Donna Purcell

Donna Purcell