Petite Baby Ballerinas
Hip Hop
Musical Theatre


Black leotards, or black dance pants with a plain black singlet top or crop top can be worn to classes, camel coloured tap and jazz shoes. Leotards for ballet are pink for Tiny Tots and juniors, black for seniors and pink ballet shoes.

Hair must be worn up and off the face (preferably a bun) unless hair is cut short.

Strictly no surf style clothes, jeans or patterned tops or casual clothes at any time.


Fees are due on registration or alternatively by week one of ALL classes and must be paid to Miss Lesly at the DAPA office only. Before students can participate in any classes their fees must be finalised.

All dance fees are $135 per term

This includes $120 lessons per term and $15 studio levy.

Studio Levy includes insurance, rent, licensing for use of music (for APRA & PPCA) and administration costs.


Are available and must only be arranged with Miss Lesly for any tuition.


The annual  concert is held each year at the Hunter Theatre at the Hunter Performing Arts School at Broadmeadow on the first Saturday in December (depending on availability of the theatre) and is followed by the Music & Drama students performances during the following week in our theatre at DAPA Beaumont St, Hamilton. This is a wonderful experience for the children to showcase their years’ work. If you do no wish for your child to participate in the dance concert please let Lesly know early as costume expenses are to be considered.


At the end of term two, a costume deposit is required so that the sewing ladies can start planning and buying for the concert, the ladies travel as far as Sydney to try to keep prices a minimum for the costumes and they do an amazing job each year leaving busy parents without the stress of sewing and keeping costumes exactly the same for each group.

Students are not allowed to wait for parents to pick them up on the street, please advise your child to wait inside the gate – small children must wait inside the building with their teacher. It is very important for the students at DAPA to enjoy their classes in a positive and encouraging environment and be taught with professional guidelines. Therefore the above regulations are necessary to avoid misunderstandings.

For any enquiries please do not hesitate to call Miss Lesly on 4962 3270 or 0416 252 446.